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  • Hilary Tsai

    Hilary Tsai

    I write about my struggles being an unseen autistic in a neurotypical world

  • Christine M. Condo

    Christine M. Condo

    Christine M. Condo is a late-diagnosed autistic woman writer and neurodiversity advocate.

  • More Relatable Autistic Content

    More Relatable Autistic Content

    Autistic / Mom of Many / Writer / Homeschooler / Know It All / Formerly Gifted Child / Chatterbox

  • Caitlin Chisling

    Caitlin Chisling

    Autistic writer / Articles on writing, creativity, mental health & disability ☕️🧠 https://www.caitlinchisling.com/

  • J.K.Hammond


    Grandfather, writer, mentor, & advocate for autistic individuals. American Psychological Association & Authors Guild member. Email: JKHammond@GrandpaWrites.com

  • Tomi Blum

    Tomi Blum

    I am my own spectrum Tomi There are no people in my daydreams. Even if I experience past places

  • Lisa Marie

    Lisa Marie

    College instructor who writes about life, pop culture, and growing up working-class.

  • Adopted Autistic

    Adopted Autistic

    Adopted at ten days old; diagnosed autistic (ASD Type 1) at 51, dealing with breast cancer and writing for survival. Profile painting by artist Helena Gerber.

  • Alternatist


    Always curious. Autistic HR consultant drawn to people puzzles. Neurodiversity, LGBTQIA+ & disability advocate. Allergic to outdated/pointless solutions.

  • Pixie (they/she)

    Pixie (they/she)

    20 yrs old. autistic. queer. chronically ill. disability justice & societal discussions.

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